Employed by Workshop of Wonders

This 150-room Hotel in Hoofddorp is a transformed office building eight minutes away from Schiphol. It has been specially developed for the Millennial in transition and is a place where one can relax according to need or can actively look for a meeting with others. Where possible, circular materials and products have been used in the design.

The hotel rooms are compact, well-arranged spaces where only the really necessary parts are present without compromising on comfort and luxury. Carefully selected high-quality furniture makes the rooms a whole and a lot of attention has been paid to details, which makes everything fit.

It is very special that Workshop of Wonders has designed not only the rooms, but also all public spaces and even the new building structure, which with the gold-colored perforated slats on the outside of the building also serves as a signal function to the environment.

Within this project I played an important role in creating the design and developing the whole.


Year: 2019

Size: about 6800m2

Visuals: Erik-Jan Verweij